You Can Hire a Fashion Stylist to Help You Revamp Your Wardrobe and Develop Your Own Unique Style

How often have you opened your wardrobe and sighed because of the uninspiring choices that hang before you? Do you sometimes feel as though you are not noticed by potential suitors? Or maybe you want to look more polished and professional at work? If you recognise these feelings, then you could benefit from the talent, expertise and specialist knowledge of a professional fashion stylist.Fashion stylists have been helping entertainers from stage and screen for decades. Pop stars, actors, actresses and high profile society members have all benefited from the advice and guidance of a professional. They will help their clients to develop a strong personal style statement using their wardrobe choices.Today, you do not need to be a celebrity or high profile individual to enjoy the benefits of this type of professional service. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of having their own wardrobe re-vamped. Maybe you feel that your clothes are a little too old fashioned? Or maybe you just want to ring the changes with a brand new look?This service is used by many people who have had success on a diet and lost a great deal of weight. Dropping several dress sizes and suddenly needing much smaller clothes can be a shock for many people. And sometimes, if they have been overweight for years, it can be difficult to figure out what styles would suit. By hiring the services of a professional assistant, they will be able to get bespoke help and advice about the best fashion choices for the shape, size and colouring.They will spend time with you to establish your likes, dislikes, and your budget. Many will also do a colour analysis to develop a colour palette from which to choose and build your new wardrobe. This type of service often includes make-overs which include make-up tips, with guidance on the best colours of foundation, powder, lipstick and more, all to suit your complexion.Every detail will be taken care of, from your hairstyle right down to the shoes on your feet.So, what types of people use these services today? Everyone does! Men and women, of all ages, anyone at all can choose this type of service. Whoever feels the need to improve their style and develop their own unique fashion statement, can hire a professional to help them. Brides, bridesmaids, professional business people, busy mums, business men. and entrepreneurs. Really, anyone can use this service, and everyone can benefit from it!If you need to revamp your wardrobe, improve your look and develop your own fashion style, then you should look for a professional styling service. Look for one that has an excellent reputation and many recommendations from previous clients. You’ll probably have an initial consultation and then the two of you will both start working together to transforming how you look.You will have fun, enjoy the whole process, and you will transform your look and your life!

Fashion of the Twenties

The 1920’s was the decade when fashion changed for women who were then transformed from being conservative to liberated. This was true both in the way they dressed and in the way they acted. We have always known fashion as an art that represents a person through the clothes she wears. 1920 clothing was more focused on more comfortable fashion. This included wearing skirts and pants that allowed the women to breathe, literally and figuratively. Of course, not only women were given the chance to change with regards to their fashion style. The decade also made significant changes in men’s clothing, too. This was when the tailcoat and jackets were worn the first time as fashion items. Indeed, 1920 clothing had its own air of elegance and sense of uniqueness.While the men started to wear coats, women were also influenced to wear the same. We can notice the evolution of fashion because of the warm acceptance of the people in the twentieth century. It cannot be denied that when it comes to fashion, people are born to be free. Because of the women’s sense of style and fashion, they created and made their own style and this started to mark their individuality.The progress of fashion in the decade of the 1920’s made a closer relationship between art and sense of freedom for women to express themselves. 1920’s dresses were created to make an impact on others. They were made brighter and lighter as ever before. They created dresses in a playful manner with the use of various colorful fabrics.Very few know it but this was also the era when schools offering a course on dressmaking were founded. Many women enrolled in this course to show how the times have changed them in a lot of ways. The designs were elegant, sexy, and modern. Not only dresses were changed but even underwear designs were revolutionized. With the evolution of fashion, the women of today have much to thank those of the twenties for because of the wonderful inspiration that they have brought to many modern designers. It is undeniable that many of the fashion trends then have been making a comeback today and it looks like these fashion styles are never going out of style – at least, not in the near future. Young and old, every woman seems to be captivated by the fashion of the twenties and they can’t seem to get enough of it.

Shedding a Little Green Style on a Pretty Situation

When it comes to creating a truly fashionable and stylish design in clothing Pretty Green has very good and innovative styles of clothing on offer. As the sense of style, especially in the class portrayal of men, remains very important in this modern society, it is of great importance to be able to acquire fashionable and stylish clothes for occasions that arrive every other day.Popular, Memorable and Functional
The aspects of creating both memorable and functional attire that will fit in to different formal and casual situations is continually changing and developing according to the needs and tastes of individual personalities and the trends that are set by the society also play an important influence. This is especially true when it comes to creating and developing fashionable attire and in the styling aspects of men’ clothes and accessories. It is a difficult task finding the right influences and styles to complement the man wearing the clothes and the situation and occasion they need to be worn at can often pose a problem. This is why Pretty Green stores and clothing have become so popular, as they provide attire for any situation, both formal and casual for men of all different styles and age groups.The Perfect Complement to Any Occasion
Men have different tastes and needs and their fashionable style is often reflected when attending events and formal occasions, and that is why the acquiring of tasteful, functional and fashionable attire has become so important, especially in this modern society where fashion and as sense of style has become constant influence on not only a man’s personal outlook on life, but also how he is portrayed and judged by others. Through the use of stylish clothing designed by professionals and artists, this problem of creating a positive and stylish image for men need not be a major one, as any store hosting these fashionable attire is bound to have clothing that will fit, and accentuate a man’s best features, whatever the occasion and his taste in style.Fashion in Itself
It is easy to see why the attire on offer by Pretty Green has become so popular in men of all ages and for all occasions, both formal and casual. The unique features, quality and style of these professionally designed clothing is ideal for most men. Their best features add fashionable class to any occasion that he will be attending.