Uniqueness of Fashion

Fashion styling with hats is simple. What you can do is layout your clothes that you desire to wear; then co-ordinate your colors. For example: For Men – you can wear; Khaki pants, orange plaid shirt (short or long sleeve), make sure the orange plaid has beige or khaki colors in the print. Then find a beige, brown, or muted green hat to wear with your pants & plaid shirt, and you are complete in your outfit for that day. You can travel in that outfit, go to picnics, sports events like baseball games, soccer games, and tennis games. Guys, this takes the hassle out of what to wear for the warm summer days.Most khaki pants, sun dresses, skirts, and capri pants are made of breathable cotton, and linen, both fibers are good for warm summer days. Most cotton shirts, and blouses are breathable for any weather conditions especially warm weather, make sure you stay away from polyester and other synthetic fiber. These fibers cling to the skin during perspiration and absorbs body odor that can cause an unpleasant smell. White colors whether shirts, skirts, dresses, capri pants, pants, shorts and hats reflects and protects you from the harsh rays of the sun.Ladies, you must also layout your clothes and style the hair and put the make-up on your faces before dressing. For example: a nice sun dress slightly above the knee or longer would be nice to wear. Bright, bold colors like orange, beige and yellow flowers in medium to small print in cotton fiber (pima cotton) can be a good choice. Then look for a white, beige, or even pink hat to protect your make-up and beautiful face from the harsh sun.